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B. Joe Wrenn, CPA
B. Joe Wrenn, CPA

2015 Important Dates

January 15 :: 4th Quarter 2014 Estimates
January 31 :: W-2 & 1099 due to recipient
January 31 :: Property Tax Listing or Extension
January 31 :: 4th Quarter 2014 Payroll Tax Reports
February 28 :: W-3 and 1096 due to IRS
March 16 :: 2014 Corporate Tax Returns
April 15 :: 2014 Individual Tax Returns
April 15 :: 1st Quarter 2015 Estimate
April 30 ::
1st Quarter 2015 Payroll Tax Reports
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B. Joe Wrenn, CPA B. Joe Wrenn, CPA
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Our Commitment To You
We are 100% committed to providing you with the professional and personal service that you deserve. You will receive prompt return telephone calls and can depend on us to help you meet all of the tax deadlines. We are dedicated to helping you succeed because our success depends on you.

We have the knowledge and experience to help:

  • Minimize your taxes
  • Obtain bank loans
  • Create monthly financial statements
  • Improve cash flow
  • Implement software systems
  • Develop and manage budgets


Accounting and Tax Facts

  • The 2015 mileage rate is now 57.5 cents per mile.

  • The 2014 mileage rate was 56 cents per mile.

  • The 2015 IRA contribution limits are $5,500 for most taxpayers and $6,500 for taxpayers 50 years old or older. Both limits are dependent on income levels.

  • Long-Term Capital Gains and Qualified Dividends top tax rates are generally 15% for 2014 and 2015 with some exceptions for low income and high income taxpayers.
B. Joe Wrenn, CPA
B. Joe Wrenn, CPA